Evolving Horizons: Glassical Designs Expands to Panama City Beach, FL

Adaptation and Expansion at Glassical Designs

Adaptation isn’t just a skill at Glassical Designs—it’s been woven into the fabric of our forty-year journey. Over four decades in business, we’ve navigated countless shifts, pivots, and strategic maneuvers to stay ahead in the ever-changing landscape of corporate recognition, all while remaining steadfastly timeless.

Strategic Moves and Leadership Transition

As we eagerly anticipate the grand opening of our second location in Panama City Beach, Florida, the excitement within our team is electric. With this expansion, we’re not just opening new doors; we’re unlocking a world of possibilities. Here’s the scoop: our Colorado Springs, CO location will continue to be the hub for all things glass and crystal, with some acrylic, while our brand-new facility in Panama City Beach will specialize solely in acrylic and wood craftsmanship. It’s a strategic move that allows us to diversify our offerings and better serve our customers’ needs. But what about our founders, Rick and Nora? While they’ll be calling Panama City Beach their new home base, they’ll still be making regular visits to our Colorado Springs location to ensure everything runs smoothly. Their vision and leadership will continue to guide us as we navigate this exciting new chapter. Moreover, Rick and Nora have strategically delegated Bernie, previously our production manager, to be our new general manager. Bernie will primarily oversee the day-to-day operations in Colorado Springs, ensuring continuity and excellence in our operations.


Team Excitement and Preparing for the Future

Amidst this transition, we wanted to capture the excitement and anticipation from our team members about the move to Panama City Beach.

Question: What are you most looking forward to about Panama City Beach, both personally and professionally? Here’s what they had to say…


Our founders, Nora & Rick, have made the move to Panama City Beach, FL



Nora’s Answer:

  • Personally – I’m excited about the warm weather, palm trees, and the beach!
  • Professionally – I’m excited about having more space for things to flow in a better balance of movement.


Rick’s Answer:

  • Personally – I’m most looking forward to the warm weather and the beach.
  • Professionally – Quicker turnaround time and higher production rate.




And let’s not forget about Willow and Andrew, our devoted pair who have also made the move to Panama City Beach. As integral members of the Glassical Designs family, with Willow’s three years and Andrew’s two years of dedication, they’re eager to embrace their new surroundings and contribute to the success of our second location.


Andrew & Willow have made the move to PCB, FL


Andrew’s Answer:

  • Personally – New adventure, new plan, new culture. Getting to finish schooling in Florida is what I’m most excited about.
  • Professionally – So excited for new potential. Excited to learn more capabilities and limits, and learning a whole new world of possibilities.


Willow’s Answer:

  • Personally – Excited to live in a new place and get out of my comfort zone.
  • Professionally – So excited to take and implement the lean six manufacturing process and develop structure for the new place!



As we prepare to open our doors in June 2024, our focus is on getting into the groove of things. From moving in new equipment to fine-tuning our operations, we’re laying the groundwork for a bright future in Panama City Beach. And while we’re currently a small team in Panama City Beach, we’re gearing up to expand our ranks as we continue to grow and thrive in our new second home.

Join Our Journey

Join us as we embark on this exhilarating journey of expansion and evolution. From the mountains of Colorado to the shores of Florida, Glassical Designs is poised to make waves in the world of acrylic and wood craftsmanship. Stay tuned for updates as we write the next chapter of our story together!