Daniel Lobosco

Daniel enriches the team with an inherent, vibrant artistic flair, infusing an element of adventure into all his designs. His talent consistently leaves us in awe, and his partnership with the team, sharing his knowledge of our design software, is beyond valuable.

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Brooke Whitney

Brooke has a firm grasp of the fundamental intention behind all aspects of Glassical Designs. Her commitment to staying focused, infusing unparalleled creativity, and never wavering in attention to detail make her the go-to for all proofing, ensuring excellence and accuracy for all our clients.

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Alyssa Durbin

Though Alyssa is relatively new to the design world, she fully grasps the importance of creativity as it aligns with her inherent design essence and her penchant for accuracy. She spearheads our Toaste design division, ensuring that everything we offer our Toaste clients is cutting-edge and relevant.

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Nora LaMar

Despite Nora, our CEO, brimming with daily CEO responsibilities, she remains the original artist who birthed the Glassical Designs brand. Her artistic talent sets the vision for all things Glassical!

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