Why Purchase Art Glass with Glassical Designs? – Glassical Designs Crystal Awards and Trophies

As owner and President of Glassical Designs for over 27 years, I have had the privilege to design and create unique glass and crystal awards.  As much as I enjoy designing artwork to fit an event or corporate theme, nothing inspires me more then to design a new art glass award.  16 years ago I was faced with the challenge of finding an artglass perfume bottle for a large west coast customer who would be holding their event in Hawaii.  They required 200 pieces as room gifts and wanted an ocean theme.  After spreading the word of my need I met with a local art glass artist/surfer (yes, you heard right, he surfed as much as he spent time creating art glass) and together we came up with a design that worked beautifully.  He was a master at translating what I was describing into a piece of art.  The customer was overjoyed! Since that time I have been intimately involved in the creation of the art glass awards available on our site 99.9% made from American art glass artists. There were a few times when I tried to accommodate a customers request for a “more affordable” version of art glass and took a chance by ordering from China.  Everytime, without fail, the Chinese art glass simply could not measure up.  Art glass is a unique art form and each piece will vary slightly because they are hand made but the Chinese made pieces were made of poor quality glass as they were discolored a greyish hue.  It did not stop there, the finishes on each piece had an unreasonable amount of warbles and seeds adding to our disappointment.  Since then, we contract with only American artists to ensure top quality control and clear communication about what is expected.  It may add a few dollars to the bottom line, but when a company is rewarding a top producer a piece of art, one cannot skimp on quality.