The Evolution of Excellence: Nora LaMar’s Favorite Award Trends

At Glassical Designs, we believe that recognition should be as exceptional and unique as the achievements it celebrates. Our founder, Nora LaMar, has been at the forefront of innovative award design for over 40 years, leading our company with a passion for creating timeless pieces that leave a lasting impression. Over the years, she has seen trends come and go, but a few have captured her attention and earned her admiration. Among these are the remarkable advancements in acrylic awards and the harmonious blend of acrylic and wood. Here, we delve into Nora LaMar’s favorite award trends that have redefined excellence in recognition.

The Rise of Acrylic Awards

In the past, acrylic was often overlooked in favor of more traditional materials like glass and crystal. It was seen as a less desirable option, primarily due to its perceived lack of clarity and sophistication. However, the landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. The quality of acrylic has improved significantly, offering a level of clarity and brilliance that rivals even the finest glass. This transformation has made acrylic a valuable addition to our product line, allowing us to create stunning, modern awards that are both beautiful and affordable.

Clarity and Brilliance: One of the standout features of modern acrylic is its remarkable clarity. Today’s acrylic awards boast a crystal-clear finish that enhances the design and engraving, creating a stunning visual impact. This clarity allows for intricate detailing and personalization, making each award a true work of art.

Versatility in Design: Acrylic is incredibly versatile, lending itself to a wide range of design possibilities. From sleek, minimalist shapes to elaborate, multi-layered structures, acrylic can be molded and shaped to meet any design vision. This flexibility has allowed us to push the boundaries of award design, creating pieces that are both innovative and timeless.

Durability and Value: In addition to its aesthetic appeal, acrylic is also highly durable. It resists shattering and chipping, ensuring that the awards maintain their pristine condition over time. This durability, combined with the improved quality, has elevated the value of acrylic awards, making them a popular choice for corporate recognition and special events.



The Beauty of Acrylic and Wood

While acrylic on its own is a standout material, pairing it with wood creates a captivating contrast that elevates the overall design. The combination of acrylic and wood brings together the best of both worlds: the modern sophistication of acrylic and the warm, natural beauty of wood.

Contrast and Harmony: The juxtaposition of acrylic and wood creates a striking visual contrast that draws the eye and enhances the overall design. The sleek, clear acrylic against the rich, textured wood creates a harmonious blend that is both modern and timeless. This contrast highlights the unique qualities of each material, resulting in awards that are truly exceptional.

Natural Elegance: Wood adds a touch of natural elegance to any award. Its organic patterns and warm tones bring a sense of authenticity and craftsmanship to the design. When paired with the clarity of acrylic, the result is a piece that exudes both sophistication and natural beauty.

Sustainable Choice: At Glassical Designs, we are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The use of wood in our awards aligns with this commitment, as we carefully select sustainable and ethically sourced materials. This ensures that our awards not only look stunning but also contribute to a more sustainable future.

Embracing Innovation and Tradition

Nora LaMar’s vision for Glassical Designs has always been about embracing innovation while honoring tradition. This philosophy is reflected in our approach to award design, where we continually explore new materials and techniques while staying true to the timeless principles of craftsmanship and quality.

Innovative Techniques: The advancements in acrylic have opened up new possibilities for innovative design techniques. From color-fused UV ink to intricate laser engraving, we utilize cutting-edge technology to create awards that are visually stunning and highly personalized. These techniques allow us to bring our clients’ visions to life, creating awards that are as unique as the individuals they honor.

Timeless Craftsmanship: While we embrace innovation, we also hold true to the timeless principles of craftsmanship. Each award is meticulously crafted by our skilled team, ensuring the highest level of quality and attention to detail. This commitment to craftsmanship is what sets our awards apart and ensures that they stand the test of time.

Celebrating Success with Style

At Glassical Designs, we believe that every achievement deserves to be celebrated in style. Whether it’s a corporate milestone, a special event, or a personal accomplishment, our awards are designed to capture the essence of success and create lasting memories.

Corporate Recognition: In the corporate world, recognition plays a crucial role in motivating and retaining employees. Our acrylic and wood awards offer a sophisticated and elegant way to celebrate employee achievements, from years of service to outstanding performance. These awards not only honor individual accomplishments but also reflect the values and culture of the organization.

Special Events: From industry awards to community honors, our awards add a touch of elegance to any special event. The combination of acrylic and wood creates a versatile design that suits a wide range of occasions, ensuring that each award is a fitting tribute to the recipients’ achievements.

Personal Accomplishments: Celebrating personal milestones is equally important, and our awards provide a meaningful way to honor these moments. Whether it’s a retirement, a significant anniversary, or a personal achievement, our acrylic and wood awards capture the significance of the occasion and create a cherished keepsake.

Looking Ahead

As we look to the future, we are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of award design, guided by Nora LaMar’s vision and passion for excellence. The advancements in acrylic and the timeless appeal of wood will remain central to our approach, allowing us to create awards that are both innovative and enduring.

At Glassical Designs, we are dedicated to making recognition a truly special experience. With our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation, we strive to create awards that not only celebrate success but also inspire it. Whether it’s the clarity and brilliance of acrylic or the natural elegance of wood, our awards are a testament to the achievements they honor and a reflection of our dedication to excellence.

In Conclusion

Nora LaMar’s favorite award trends showcase the evolution of materials and design in the world of recognition. The rise of acrylic, with its improved clarity and versatility, combined with the timeless appeal of wood, represents a perfect blend of innovation and tradition. At Glassical Designs, we are proud to offer these stunning options in our product line, ensuring that every achievement is celebrated with style and sophistication. As we continue to explore new possibilities and push the boundaries of design, we remain committed to creating awards that inspire and honor the achievements of today and tomorrow.