Our mission is to serve others by putting our customers first while providing artistic quality products with integrity and a personal touch.

The basic human need to be celebrated within a community or company, hardwires people to thrive on recognition. We believe this is particularly important at work, where we spend a large chunk of our lives. By publicly recognizing employees, among their peers, you create a culture and environment where the motivation to produce more and better can flourish.

crystal over cash

50% of employees who receive recognition in the form of cash do not remember what they used it for after a year.

crystal over catalogs

A thoughtfully selected award, chosen on behalf of the recipients has a higher perceived value than letting them choose their own gift out of a catalog.

serve others

customers first

quality products


personal touch

We treat others the way we want to be treated. This means we are up front with our customers regarding all charges for your awards. Most often, all individual pricing reflects the total cost you pay, per award.

what’s included

individual personalization

artwork/logo (if provided as vector format)

all text



set up

possible additions

artwork/logo clean up

(if not in vector format)


drop ship

multiple surface etching