The following are Glassical Designs preferred engraving guidelines. Any artwork submitted that is not within standard guidelines is subject to an additional artwork clean-up fee. If you are unsure if your artwork is usable or if you would like a quote from our graphics team to re-draw your artwork please Contact Us.

Artwork must be in vector format 
Glassical Designs accepts Adobe Illustrator, EPS and editable PDF formats only. PNG, GIF, CDR and JPG are not acceptable and if provided, will be subject to a one time re-draw fee which is based upon the amount of detail in the logo.

Artwork must be true black
Please ensure that all text, logo, vector shapes, fills, and strokes that will be etched are 100% black. Grayscale, color, shadows and gradients are not acceptable. 

Artwork must be outlined
Please ensure that all artwork, texts, logos and vector files are outlined. This will help us avoid issues when opening your file. 

All lines must have a 1PT thickness
All lines and white spaces must have a 1pt thickness. We may need to modify your artwork in order to make it engraveable.

Do not increase or decrease scale of template
If you prefer to do some of the design work yourself, our sales team would be happy to send you the template of the award of your choosing. Please do not edit the template, the etch area/template has been pre-measured for production.