Corporate Recognition: Is It Worth It?

Why Are Corporate Recognition Programs So Important?

Oftentimes when a company is considering starting a formal corporate recognition program, there are questions about the effectiveness of recognition. Why recognize? Is it worth it to give out awards? Why are awards so important? At Glassical Designs, we firmly believe in crystal over cash. Here’s why.

Corporate Recognition Helps Build & Support Company Culture

Your awards and recognition program should tie into and support your company culture. What are your values as a company? Effective awards programs can help your employees feel like your company values are more than just inspirational phrases; awards can be used to recognize those that truly live your values and put them into practice every day.

Especially effective at bringing your company culture full circle is a recognition program based on employee nominations. When employees can nominate their peers to be recognized, they feel that they have more influence on the direction your company’s culture is moving in as it grows and develops. This helps to build company morale and create a lasting feeling of significance.

Awards Show Meaningful Appreciation

Anyone can sign a check. It takes a second out of your day and it’s over and done with and out of your mind. It takes time to thoughtfully select the perfect award for your recipient. Something that really represents who they are to you, and the value of their accomplishments. Awards remind the recipient that you’re really thinking of them as an individual – not just a number on a spreadsheet. That’s a big part of why most companies with a formal recognition program rate their program as successful.

Effective Corporate Recognition Programs Help Reinforce a Sense of Community

You may see your company as a family and you want your employees to feel the same way! Recognizing their accomplishments in front of their peers reinforces this feeling of community. When employees are rewarded in “public” rather than being given a bonus or a gift card in private, they feel a greater sense of pride and their accomplishments inspire others to achieve greatness as well! Many of our customers tell us that their employees look forward to their awards events every year, appreciating the sense of camaraderie that they feel when they attend.

Awards Are Forever

An award is not just something given in the moment! It is a memento of your achievements that will last for years. Every time one of your recipients sees their award, they are reminded of their accomplishments and inspired to continue growing professionally.

Some pieces are especially effective at becoming a treasured and cherished keepsake,  – our art glass pieces are not just your average trophy, they are unique and beautiful pieces of art that your recipients will surely award a place of pride in their home or office.

So, why is it important to formally recognize your employees? Why are awards better than bonuses? Why are awards so important to your company and the satisfaction of your employees? To put it simply, thoughtfully chosen and publicly presented awards are more effective than anything generic given in private as they tie in with and help build your company culture, reinforce a sense of community, and they last a lot longer than a bonus or gift card. Check out our selection of beautiful art glass awards or our wide variety of fine optic crystal awards  to get started on revitalizing your corporate recognition program today! Not sure where to start? Our awards experts are ready and waiting to help you with your corporate recognition revamp! Contact us today!