Above and Beyond – Glassical Designs Crystal Awards and Trophies

Since I came to Glassical Designs in 2011, I have learned the true meaning of customer service. These days many businesses see genuine customer service as a luxury they cannot afford, but that is not the case with Glassical Designs. One specific instance was a few months ago when I got a call from a woman who sounded a bit frantic. She had a huge company event coming up in a week and half, and one of the many things she was responsible for was ordering awards for the event. Now being that it was the first time her company had ever held an event such as this she really needed the awards to stand apart and make a statement. Well she had never had to create an award before let alone do it in such a short amount of time! The experts on our team here at Glassical Designs really stepped up to help her out, everything from selecting the perfect crystal piece to designing the ideal layout for her event, they all pitched in! We were able to pull together a beautiful piece and get it to her with time to spare. Needless to say she was the hero of her company’s event. The recipients were touched and in awe of the beautiful crystal awards they received. Her superiors were more than pleased with the quality they got for such a great price. I was excited to be a part of this story and thought it might be a rare thing but here at Glassical Designs it is really more of a daily occasion.