Create a Recognition Program in 5 Easy Steps – Glassical Designs Crystal Awards and Trophies

Having a well planned, recognition program for your organization increases its value and desirability. Employees are more receptive to a program in which they understand the requirements and selection process. By following these five easy steps, you can build a recognition program that is organized, well rounded and successful!

Step 1: Establish an Employee Recognition Committee

Start by gathering a diverse group of employees from within your organization. The main goal is to establish a committee that consists of several tier level employees. Having representation from both employees and management on the committee will ensure that everyone’s ideas and preferences are included in the program. It is also important to include individuals from different departments so that you receive feedback from all corners of your company. 

Step 2: Identify Recognition Program Objectives

Once your committee is formed, they need to identify the program objectives. The simplest way to build a framework for your program is to link it to your core values or mission statement. By using this as your guide, you should be able to easily determine award categories. The program should be fair and flexible and meet the objectives that the committee has decided on.

Step 3: Identify Award Selection Criteria and Eligibility

Next, determine employee eligibility, frequency, selection process and funding. Eligibility can be identified by employee status, length of service, etc. Frequency can be monthly, quarterly or yearly. By planning all of these out in advance, your program should run smoothly.

Step 4: Determine Award Nomination and Selection Process

The committee should carry out the nomination and selection process. You’ll need to decide who can submit a nomination and how they should be submitted. Also, is the process going to be confidential or not? Make sure to set deadlines for nominations and when winners will be selected.

Step 5: Promote the Program

Announcements should be made to introduce the program to your organization. It is important to ensure that all employees are aware of the program. Every time winners are selected, be sure to immediately announce the winners to your entire organization. Some of the best ways to spread the news is through email, newsletters, internal website, bulletin boards and meetings. Continually promoting the program will increase the value of the award and create a sense of desire for the awards. 

These five simple steps are great building blocks for organizations that are creating a new recognition program. They can be expanded on or modified to fit your needs. Even organizations that already have a recognition program in place can use these steps to revamp or reorganize their program. However you choose to use them, these 5 easy steps should relieve some stress that may come with starting or maintaining your recognition program!