Acrylic vs. Crystal Awards

I often speak with some of our clients who have done acrylic awards in the past and I tend to hear that they don't want to do crystal awards because they are too expensive. This is actually an untrue statement and many of our customers are surprised to hear that we can usually create a much more attractive crystal award for the same price they are paying for an acrylic award. Maybe you are thinking, "what is the difference between acrylic and crystal"? Acrylic awards are made from molded plastic. Because plastic does not transmit light like glass or crystal, they do NOT sparkle or reflect light like crystal does. Crystal also weighs more than plastic so when you hold an acrylic award it tends to "feel" cheap. Crystal awards have a much higher percieved value and will tend to make your recipient feel that much more important.

We want your recipients to be proud of their recognition item and to keep it on display.  This keeps your name favorably in their mind and builds reciprocity in your relationship. We also understand that you want a return on your investment and crystal awards will give you more for your money and a higher perceived value when rewarding your staff.
February 07, 2012 by Nicole Dent
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